Wednesday 8 August 2012

The First Day...

So I've decided to become a better person.  I'm not quite sure which part of my life was the clincher but the decision has been made and today , Thursday 9th of August is the beginning of something new.  I've decided to sit down at a computer and embrace the technical/blogging revolution and write down a few notes along the way.  Is anyone out there?  Does anybody care?  Maybe not, but is that the point? No, this journey has to be about me and those important to me and perhaps we'll share some stories along the way. 
So a little about me, I recently had my second child, another girl, I'm married and currently on maternity leave from a relatively stable job.
I have two daughters and, like many people when they have children, it's made me wonder what they'll think of me.  Will I be a good Mum? Am I a good wife? Daughter? Sister? Aunty? Friend? You play a lot of roles in this life and I'm not certain which hat fits me best, but like most, I want to be bloody good at the majority of them.  - Does that make me "normal" or destined for failure? Who knows?
So what's important right now?

My top five:
1. Get fit!
Not just lose the extra kilo's from baby weight, but really have a mind-shift towards a healthier life.  I currently eat an extraordinary amount of sweeties and crap.  Having a baby will do that to a person, morning tea, afternoon tea, out for lunch, grab something quick so you can have a nap whilst the kids are asleep.  I have many a friend who had an eating disorder as I grew up, somehow it missed me, but I really don't want my girls growing up obsessed with food/diets etc.. but more on that later. So a healthier me, means a happier me.. yeah? Well god, here's hoping so!
2. Get Organised.
I'm unorganised, I have crap everywhere.  I spend more time on Pinterest, "Pinning" pretty ways of getting organised, then I do actually getting off the couch and doing my filing.
3. Be a better Mum.
Don't get me wrong, I'm an ok Mum.  It's not like I'm shooting up in the corner of the living room or anything but I know there are some things I could improve on. Can't we all? At the moment my DD1 has a pretty healthy relationship with the TV and Ipad, which I should perhaps weasel in on.  But am I the only Mum out there who thinks it's really cute when their child gets so excited by their favourite show coming up on television?  
4. Be a better person generally.
A friend of mine and I decided we were probably too judgemental... oh who am I kidding.. we can be really bitchy sometimes.  We don't want our children turning into those people.  Yes I want them to analyse situations but not be bitchy.  Nobody likes that in a person.  So how am I to expect it from my children, if I can't even stop my own bad habits?
5. Oh bugger it, I can't think of a 5th.. I'm exhausted already.

So join me, or don't, as I look for good role models for my daughters, whilst trying to transform myself into the unthinkable, a fit, healthy, engaged mother who doesn't bitch....
I'm screwed and it's only day one!!